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Why did the Gee Seal Change?

For the observant among you, the math doesn’t add up. We seemed to go from “In Business for 44+ Yrs” to “Est. 1950”. The explanation is an easy one.

While the company name “Gee Asphalt Systems was launched in 1973, it rose up on the stable foundation of Gee Grading & Excavating, est. in 1950 by Albert Gee.

It was through the daily work of Gee Grading & Excavating, Albert became aware of the growing health and environmental concerns associated with coal tar coatings.

Worried about his own employees’ safety, he determined there must be a better way.

Albert’s own research led him to the then underutilized field of Asphalt Preservation as a more effective means to preserve the ever increasing volume of asphalt pavement found in public streets, roads and highways, airports, commercial and shopping center parking lots, and industrial and manufacturing sites across the nation.

In 1973, the name change to Gee Asphalt Systems allowed Albert to focus on Asphalt Preservation. This also allowed him to tap into years of extensive research and continue his own research of many coatings and processes — leading him to the GSB® Product Line.

Albert discovered that GSB® offered: lower life cycle costs, longer wear, superior performance compared to the “top only” coating processes, and EPA-tested: no short-term or long-term detrimental effects on the environment. Long-lasting AND environmentally sound — he knew this wasn’t a fad and worked hard at becoming an industry leader and expert.

Today, Albert’s hard work and perseverance in finding the safest and best Asphalt Preservation product has paid off in our continued growth and the loyalty of our clients nationwide!

Since 1950, Gee has stood for quality in everything we do; we are honest, hard-working, reliable, and trustworthy partners. Give us a call today for a free consultation and let us show you how to efficiently manage the health of your pavements AND save money!

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