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Spring Street Closure Agony!

You may hope this street is on this year’s “fix-it” list, but with dwindling budgets, other lengthy street repair and costly total reconstruction projects, this Poor Condition street might not have made the list!

How important should this be to you? Extremely! In a 2016 report, the American Society of Civil Engineers stated, “Deteriorating conditions and performance impose costs on American house-holds and businesses in a number of ways. Facilities in poor condition lead to increases in vehicle operating costs. Additional costs include damage to vehicles from deteriorated roadway surfaces, imposition of both additional miles traveled, time expended to avoid unusable or heavily congested roadways…and the added cost of repairing facilities after they have deteriorated as opposed to preserving them in Good Condition.” The ASCE went further to estimate specific costs, as of 2015, “Deficiencies in America’s surface transportation systems cost households and businesses nearly $147 billion. This included approximately $109 billion in vehicle operating costs, $36 billion in travel time delays, $1.4 billion in safety costs and $0.7 billion in environmental costs.” While these costs are staggering, GSB-88® Asphalt Preservation methods offer relief—with Good Condition pavements receiving the greatest benefit. While loose aggregates can fly up and chip windshields, GSB® halts surface oxidation and binds down loose chips that are raveling. While uneven surfaces cause annoying and potentially dangerous speeding up and slowing down to navigate around potholes and failed fixes causing wear-n-tear on vehicles, GSB® is absorbed into the pavement and provides a smooth and even surface that lasts. And, while other treatments and reconstruction projects have agonizing closure periods, Frequently, GSB-88® treated pavements are opened just a few hours after closure! Preserving Good Condition pavements: A better maintenance strategy. We think so, and have the research to back it up. GEE ASPHALT / Making Your Good Pavements Last Longer! Give us a call today for a free consultation and let us show you how to efficiently manage the health of your pavements AND save money!

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