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Airports and DOD







Reduce airport runway FOD.
One sealcoat specification for ALL airport pavements.
Gilsonite Modified Asphalt Emulsion (GSB-88 ®) may be used on ALL airfield pavements, including runways, taxiways, aprons
and new pavement.


Proven nationwide on nearly 1,000 airfield pavements and 600+ runways.

Airport Pavement


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the unique needs of airport pavement preservation.

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We will create and help implement a long-term pavement preservation plan for all of your airport pavement:

Joel Harry

Airfield Engineer, Project Manager,

Analysis shows GSB-88 ® yields a Savings-To-Investment Ratio (SIR) of 5.0 and a Return On Investment (ROI) of 400%.

Proven by Expert / Independent Research
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GSB-88 ® Extends
Pavement Life – 2x More
Than Other Processes!

Reduced Down Time

Penetrates and maintains grooves and PFC

Eliminates FOD and seals out moisture.

Reduced Cost

Longer life-cycle means less reinvestment

Pavement elasticity is preserved.

Postponed Reconstruction

Halts oxidation, weathering, 
aging making pavements last and last.

Green Circle Certified

GSB-88 ® penetrates into the pavement matrix and becomes part of the surface of asphalt, and is sensitive to our delicate environment.

Research shows that if airports maintain asphalt pavement [via preservation] every 3 to 5 years, they can get 20+ years out of a runway, if not 30.

Solution:  Asphalt Preservation with Gilsonite Sealer Binder (GSB)
References and Videos

Gee Asphalt Skilled Crews Sustain Airfield Pavements with GSB-88®.

ASI "Lunch & Learn" Presentation: Life Extension of Airport Asphalt Pavement.

GSB-88® Makes Good Airfield Pavements Last!

Gee Asphalt Sustains Airfield Pavements with


Times have changed and we cannot afford to follow the old methodology of build it and 
forget it. Instead, we need to preserve our existing infrastructure investments well into 
the future. Projects that preserve the existing pavement are good investments from a public policy perspective.

Larry Galehouse

Director, National Center for Pavement Preservation​

Gee Asphalt Systems was the general contractor on a seal/paint project (FAA) for our two runways at GBD. As the Airport Manager and sponsor, I found that Gee was very responsive to every single pre-construction and safety consideration on this project. This involved a high degree of coordination with the airport authority and operation. Very customer-service oriented, the application crew did an outstanding job of project application. Also, I appreciated their strict adherence to application pre-requisites such as pavement temperatures, daylight hours available, and application rates. As a result, the seal application was accomplished in minimum time, and with minimum impact on airfield safety."

Martin Miller

Airport Manager, Great Bend Municipal Airport

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Thank-you for introducing us to a cost-effective and efficient product! The airport was experiencing deteriorating pavement conditions...attributing to FOD concerns for aircraft operations, in particular, the F-16’s on the airfield...a fast paced project was designed to crack seal and seal coat the taxiway until a rehabilitation project could be funded at a later date. Gee Asphalt Systems, Inc., coordinated an aggressive schedule necessary to perform the work within the 18 calendar days...the crew did an exceptional job coordinating the project to ensure safe progress while not disrupting aircraft operations. The project was very successful ending on time and on budget. All airfield users agree it is a great improvement rejuvenating a deteriorated taxiway into an almost new system.

Shaun Germolus

Director of Operations, Duluth International Airport

The work was professionally carried out...but I personally was impressed by the crew’s desire to work around the weather. Their (Gee Asphalt) crew arrived and set up on schedule. The weather however deteriorated...The crew worked around the weather, as in late nights if need be to try to maintain the desired schedule for our runway closure. The work was professionally carried out and the job well done...weekends are our busiest time and they did all they could do to have minimum negative impact while completing a major airport project.

Rodney Roy

Airport Manager, Cook County Airport

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