Schools and Campuses / Non-profits / Trails

We will create and help implement a long-term pavement preservation plan for all of your pavement needs:

Reduced Down Time

Penetrates into the matrix

Minimizes closures and safety hazards

Reduced Cost

Longer life-cycle means less reinvestment

Pavement elasticity is preserved

Postponed Reconstruction

Halts oxidation, weathering, 
aging making pavements last and last.

Green Circle Certified

GSB-88 ® penetrates into the pavement matrix and becomes part of the surface of asphalt, and is sensitive to our delicate environment.

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We want to thank you for the great job you did at Campus Baptist Church! You have even impressed some of our older men in the church. I especially appreciate the fact that you "sneaked" us into your schedule and got the job done before our special 75th Anniversary weekend. It was a huge success and we are grateful, Thank you again.

Liz Pehl, Church Staff

Campus Baptist Church, Ames, IA

You guys are fast! As you know, we finished up the Farmington Central CUSD #265 project on 7/22/14. I enjoyed working with your crew and will be recommending your services to my other clients.

W. Shane Larson, P.E., Project Manager

Hutchison Engineering

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Solution:  Asphalt Preservation with Gilsonite Sealer Binder (GSB-88 ®)