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We will create and help implement a long-term pavement preservation plan for all of your pavement and parking lots:
Reduced Cost

Longer life-cycle means less reinvestment,

Won't track into buildings.

Postponed Reconstruction

Halts oxidation, weathering, 
aging making pavements last and last.

Green Circle Certified

GSB-88 ® penetrates into the pavement matrix and becomes part of the surface of asphalt, and is sensitive to our delicate environment.

Matt Hawks

General Manager,
White Cloud Casino

Reduced Down Time

Penetrates into the matrix and

minimizes closures and safety hazards.

GSB-88 ® Sealer Binder cost about eight times less than the cost of applying new asphalt. The Casino parking lot was showing signs of deterioration. We needed to improve the appearance and safety for our patrons. Replacement with new asphalt was going to be costly. We could replace it OR, preserve it by sealing the cracks and applying

GSB ® to the surface in order to buy us a couple more years of service. We agreed to have Gee Asphalt Systems provide the pavement preservation services. The crew did an excellent job of crack sealing

and applying a fog seal with

GSB-88 ®...we had all the pavement markings painted and we are very pleased
with the appearance.

I would recommend Gee Asphalt Systems...Their people were prompt and professional and a pleasure to work with.



Watch this video discussing the unique needs for asphalt pavement preservation.

Solution:  Asphalt Preservation with Gilsonite Sealer Binder (GSB)
References and Videos

Gee Asphalt Sustains Parking Lots with GSB-88 ®

Gee Asphalt Sustains Commercial Lots with GSB-88 ®

Asphalt Preservation—Does it REALLY make a difference?

Gee Asphalt Sustains Business Center Lots with GSB-88®

Striping with Gee – Easy make-over for parking lots!

Congratulations to Jud Starn and Rockwell Collins as being the latest recipient of the ASI Green Award! As a long-time employee of Rockwell Collins, Jud Starn knows the value of Pavement Preservation and GSB-88 ® and is paving the way to creating sustainable pavements!

Jud Starn

Rockwell Collins — Green ASI Award Recipient

They got it all done, looks good. In fact it all looks so nice I almost hated to open the lots back up. Thank you and your guys for all the hard work on this all weekend.

Bob Willits

Facilities Project Manager, Aegon USA Realty Advisors, LLC

Gee Asphalt showed me pavements where GSB-88 ® had been used from as little as 1 year ago, up to pavements maintained as long as 32 years, and they all looked amazing! The Gee Asphalt team answered all my questions and talked in great detail of what to expect and how GSB-88 ® could improve the useful life of my parking lots. The workmanship of crew and Foreman were top-notch, and after the job was done you couldn't tell anyone was there besides a "new looking" parking lot. I'm very happy...and believe using Gee Asphalt was the correct decision. Thanks!

Brent Stansbury

Facility Engineer, Gateway, Inc.

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Your crew was great to work with and did a fantastic job. Thanks for the help.

Sandy Wise

Facilities Specialist, Emerson

Times have changed and we cannot afford to follow the old methodology of build it and forget it. Instead, we need to preserve our existing infrastructure investments well into the future. Projects that preserve the existing pavement are good investments from a public policy perspective.

Larry Galehouse

Director, National Center for Pavement Preservation

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