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Asphalt Preservation: Does it really make a difference?

A Road Comparison: Two roads were paved in 2017.

The first Road was sealed with GSB-88® within a month or so of it being paved.

The second Road was paved, then left unsealed.

Both Roads were routinely checked for decay. 2 years later, the difference is impressive!

The first Road sealed with GSB-88® still looks Great, while the second Road, left unsealed, is showing clear signs of decay—the top coat is wearing away exposing loose aggregates.

The County Engineer (Marion Co.) really likes what he is seeing in the GSB-88® sealed Road—actually pointing out the differences himself. Even 2 years later, GSB-88® performance can be predicted because GSB-88 ® IS NOT A TOP COAT SEALER. Typical seal coats lay up on the surface much like peanut-butter sits on top of bread. These coatings do not penetrate into the matrix and therefore performance is tied directly to how much is left on top to protect the binder.

GSB-88® is a different process entirely! 
Like the way butter seeps down into bread, GSB-88® is absorbed into the pavement to become part of the matrix— adding rejuvenating maltene oils and asphaltenes down into the pavement surface.

At the same time, GSB®’s resin bonds tenaciously to aggregates, halts water intrusion from above and prevents medium and heavy oils in the pavement from escaping.

Unique and proven, these properties create an extremely durable in-depth penetrating rejuvenator sealer binder – capable of retaining pliability, ductility, and flexibility inside pavements! And when GSB-88® is applied 1x every 5 yrs, oxidation is completely halted and binder performance is sustained for decades of trouble-free pavements and load carrying capabilities!

Come see for yourself! Gee Asphalt Systems, Inc. has hundreds of pavements available for viewing that have had continuous GSB-88 ® preservation applications from the beginning. Gee Asphalt has pavements that have been on a continuous preservation program for 4 decades and counting!

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