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About Us

Our mission is to provide quality products and services.


Customer satisfaction and pride in workmanship are our goals and are reflected by the growth of our company across the nation. 

Our Foundation

Regionally known, Gee Grading & Excavating was founded in 1950 by Albert Gee and quickly became highly successful. Twenty years later, Albert launched Gee Asphalt Systems which enabled him to tap into years of extensive research done into the then undiscovered field of asphalt preservation.

Albert's desire was to find better more effective means to preserve the ever increasing volume of asphalt pavement found in public streets, roads and highways, airports, commercial and shopping center parking lots, and industrial and manufacturing sites across the nation. Albert was a visionary before his time and always strove to use his talents to help other people.

Albert's early research into the properties of aging asphalt binders and how they quickly degrade from exposure to environmental forces led him to the realization that effective asphalt preservation practices significantly extend the life of asphalt surfaces. Following his study of many coatings and processes, Albert chose the GSB ® product line because of the cost-effectiveness and compatibility of Gilsonite with all asphalt pavements.

GSB ® offered:

-  lower life cycle costs
-  longer wear
-  superior performance compared to the "top only" coating processes
-  no short-term or long-term detrimental effects on the environment

Albert was also concerned about the safety and health of his employees, and even back in the seventies discovered serious health consequences associated with coal tar coatings. These significant findings on the negative impact on the environment and health of employees helped sway him away from popular coal tar coatings towards the environmentally friendly and EPA-tested GSB ® product line.

Today, Albert Gee's hard work and perseverance in finding the safest and best asphalt preservation product has paid off in our continued growth and the loyalty of our clients.

Gee Asphalt has experienced 1600% growth as testimony to these principals from 1984 until today. As one of approximately sixty-five GSB ® dealers in the United States, Gee Asphalt is the only GSB ® applicator with over 45 years' of continuous experience traveling to projects across the nation.

Gee remains committed to on-going research and
field-testing of effective preservation processes including crack sealing and asphalt preservation.

Keeping your pavements in service as long as possible at the lowest cost is what we do.
We install only the proven highest quality products–that perform at or near the top of the curve–to keep your pavements in service as long as possible at the lowest cost.

By our measure, it makes more sense to install the highest quality materials in the first place, that last the longest, and create the lowest life cycle cost for our clients.

We continually invest in the latest, most technologically advanced equipment for every process we employ to ensure that you get a superior finished product. We bring all the necessary equipment the first time so your project will be completed on time, on schedule, and in a satisfactory manner. This reduces down time for your network and reduces strain from closure related complications. And we keep our promises. We arrive on site well organized and prepared with only the best equipment. For pictures of our fleet, click here.

Our Team

Gee Asphalt Systems, Inc. holds fast to a traditional belief that our clients deserve a hard days work. Honesty is of utmost importance to us and we believe that integrity is not just a word, but the way to deal with other people on a daily basis.

Gee Asphalt Systems, Inc. maintains a thorough training program for all employees, which includes currency in:

-  equipment operations and maintenance techniques
-  products and their correct installation processes
-  OSHA safety training and information
-  driver training and DOT screening
-  DOT drug testing

All employees are hired by and trained at Gee Asphalt's Cedar Rapids, Iowa corporate headquarters to ensure that they meet our expectations for honesty, integrity, quality work, and superior customer service. We believe attitude determines altitude, and you will see the difference when you meet our people.

In a concerted effort to keep our best, Gee Asphalt Systems provides incentive pay, profit sharing and retirement plans for key people to attract and retain quality personnel. To further motivate and spur them towards quality workmanship, they are rated by our customers in a Satisfaction Survey at the end of each job, as well as at least two Performance Reviews conducted by their supervisor each year. The results are weighted and tied to their year-end incentive pay.

If you are looking for honest, hard working, reliable, and trustworthy partners to work with then look no further. We know these traits bring confidence, respect, and the loyalty of our clients. And, they also help us sleep at night.


Call for a free consultation and cost estimate and we will help you establish your Asphalt Preservation Program today!

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