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It’s just a little crack, right?

As the piled up snow melts, water follows along cracks in your pavement. Even if a crack is just a few millimeters wide and a few inches deep, water is getting down into your binder and you have a much bigger problem than a little crack!

In this case, melting snow is following the crack right down the whole parking lot and bringing with it a destructive mixture of chlorides, chemicals, oil and fuels, salt, sand, and debris.

As temperatures continue to freeze at night and warm up during the day, ice and water continually contract and expand. This daily cycle erodes crack walls and widens the gap while further exposing the binder—allowing vital oils to escape / drying it out— and speeding up the pavement decay cycle!

Cracks of any kind are among the first signs of pavement decay. Identifying pavement cracks and sealing them in a timely manner is crucial to overall pavement health. If you have cracks, plan now to get them sealed with Gee’s expert installation and quality materials and protect your pavement investment for years to come!


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