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Minimize costs by Pre-wetting stockpiles

Pre-wetting stockpiles minimizes total operating costs up to 40%: • Transform ordinary salt stockpiles into high performance de-icers! Pre-wetted stockpiles melt at lower temperatures which means the pre-treated rock salt is still working long after untreated salt has washed away.

• Reduce the amount of chemical needed for melting and removing hazardous winter snow and ice.

Liquid stays in the stockpile and sticks better when broadcast from application vehicles, reducing losses from bounce and scatter.
 • Reduce driver/operator overtime costs and wear and tear on equipment.

Fewer trips and the lack of repeat applications needed means work crews achieve a more workable and flowing inventory. Plus de-icers store well over the summer!

• More melting/staying power than nearly anything else on the market today! Here at Gee, because we care about working with you and your company for the long haul, we strive in everything to represent our products and services with accuracy and honesty. If we wouldn’t use it, we don’t sell it!

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