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GSB-Friction Seal lunch and learn:
GSB-Friction Seal is a thick restorative and protective seal with concentrated GSB and specialty aggregate designed for slightly aged pavements in good condition.  6-8 year life.  No loose chips.

GSB-88 Fog Seal lunch and learn:
GSB-88 is an environmentally friendly restorative sealer designed to seal and block UV rays for airfields and roads that are in good to fair condition.  4-5 year life.

Preserved Pavement Tour:
Visit pavement preservation locations and test sites with pavement sealed since the mid 1970s,
still in good condition.

Gee Asphalt Systems, Inc.
National Headquarters

4715 6th Street SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

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Long-Lasting Crack Sealing with Gee
GSB-Friction Seal: Proactive Maintenance for Good Pavement.
GSB-Friction Seal: Street maintenance on small town budget!
GSB-Friction Seal: Proactive Maintenance for Good Pavement.
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