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Preservation Education

For 45+ years, Gee Asphalt Systems, Inc. has been conducting long-term research on the most effective asphalt preservation methods while our clients have reaped the benefits. Additionally, extensive FHWA, FAA, NAVFAC, MDOT, and AZDOT research all show that strategic asphalt preservation can greatly extend the life of asphalt pavements to sustain streets, roadways and highways, airports, and commercial pavements.

Whether you need training for a large group or smaller one-on-one learning experiences, we offer technical presentations at your location and project tours tailored to your pavement management needs. You can rely on our field experts to give you an unbiased — just the facts — whole picture on issues specific to your industry or cross-references to our studies as a base for your own research on Asphalt Preservation.


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Educate our clients to recognize signals of pavement aging processes and curb them before they become much more expensive problems.

Help our clients realize the greatest pavement sustainability methods at the lowest possible cost.

Guide our clients towards cost-effective environmentally sound solutions.

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While there are several popular ways to help prolong the life of pavements, not all methods are equal in effectiveness, cost and environmental impact. One method, Coal Tar Sealant has quickly become of significant concern. Increasing studies have shown coal tar coatings to be prone to shrinkage, cracking and accelerated pavement degradation. Plus, USGS data confirmed that coal tar releases up to 1000 times greater toxins into the watershed than those released by asphalt pavement or asphalt based coatings. Read more here.

Below you will find a suite of information including topic-specific informational brochures, client tools, links to external studies, and technical research information.

​Client Tools
Our contacts in the industry enable us to provide you with FHWA, Superpave engineers and many valuable resources to assist you. Let us know how we can help.

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​Informational Brochures from Gee Asphalt Systems, Inc.

About Gee: Established 1950 / Family-Owned!

Gilsonite - The Million-Year-Solution!

*NEW* GSB-Friction Seal With Fine Aggregate!

*NEW* GSB-Friction Seal System – Proven Results in ONE PASS!

GSB-88 ® Qualifies for AIP Funds Under New FAA P-608 Specification!

New FAA P-608 Specifications

Create Sustainable Roads with GSB-88 ®!

Create Sustainable Streets with GSB-88 ®!

Create Sustainable Campus Parking Lots with GSB-88 ®!

Create Sustainable Shopping Center Pavement Systems with GSB-88 ®!

Create Sustainable Commercial Parking Lots with GSB-88 ®!

Create Sustainable Park Trails with GSB-88 ®!

Keys to Quality Crack Sealing!

Coal Tar: Are You Aware of the Hazards?

Independent Technical Research, Assessments, and Specifications

Technical Instructions & Specifications:

GSB-88 ® Technical Sheet

ASTM 3405 Specifications - Hot Pour Crack Sealing

GSB-78 Specifications - Commercial

Black Beauty Friction Material Specifications

Silica Friction Material Specifications

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS):



Performance Awards:

GSB-88 ® Receives the Nation's First Environmental Product Declaration!

Government Research:

U.S. EPA Environmental Life Cycle Assessment Report

GSB-88 ® Army Corps of Engineers ROI

GSB-88 ® Naval Facilities Engineering Report

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA):

A Pocket Guide to Asphalt Preservation in Cooperation with
the Foundation for Pavement Preservation (FP2)

Evaluation of Binder Aging and its Influence in Aging of Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete: Literature Review & Experimental Design

Revision and Further Validation of Surface-Performance Graded Specification for Surface Treatment Binders

Evaluation of Binder Aging and its Influence in Aging of Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete: Technical Report

Department of Transportation: DOT

Optimal Timing of Preventive Maintenance for Addressing Environmental Aging in Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavements

Additional Independent Research:

Airports & DOD:
GSB-88 ® Airport Friction Field Data

GSB-88 ® Runway Preservation System Report

Counties & DOT:
GSB-88 ® Skid Data

Laboratory & Field Testing:
GSB-88 ® Durability Test

GSB-88 ® Oxidation Test

GSB-78 Lab Water Stripping Test     

Informative Presentations:

Asphalt Aging and its Impact on the Timing of Preventive Maintenance
When is the best time to do Preventative Maintenance?

Articles & Publications:

Protecting Pavement with Gilsonite at Iowa State University

Tests Show Gilsonite-Based Sealer Extends Pavement Life: 
Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction

Rejuvenating Asphalt Binder: Asphalt Pavement Magazine

Pavement Preservation Effectiveness Study Will Help Agencies Make Cost-Effective Maintenance Decisions: NCAT

Preventative Maintenance Could Have Saved National Parks Billions of Dollars:
Former agency official says Congress must act to help National Park Service address overdue repairs.

​Educational Websites

National Road Research Alliance (NRRA)


Asphalt Institute

Asphalt Paving Association of Iowa

Foundation for Pavement Preservation

National Center for Pavement Preservation

FHWA - Pavement Preservation Compendium




Everything you need to know about asphalt and asphalt maintenance.

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