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Why Pave When You Can Save?

Entirely too much money is spent patching up pavements, parking lots, roads, and runways. Instead, we could be TAKING CARE of our GOOD PAVEMENTS—saving tons of money in the process!

Asphalt Preservation

Watch as we discuss
asphalt preservation,

GSB-88 ®, and the cost savings you can benefit from by using the right binder. This video also includes before and after footage of asphalt preservation work.


Asphalt Preservation is the process of extending the life and function of any paved area. At Gee, we proudly use GSB-88 ® from Asphalt Systems, Inc​. GSB-88 ®, a gilsonite-based natural ore that has been combined with specialized plasticizers and oils, penetrates and rejuvenates asphalt pavements.

Applying environmentally sound GSB-88 ® asphalt preservation treatment to the surface of pavements is most effective for sustaining the life of a pavement if applied when the pavement is still in Good Condition. If applied at an early stage in the life-cycle of the pavement when it is structurally sound, the pavement can actually be preserved in its original condition.​


The bottom line:  it saves money.​

​Estimates from the National Center for Pavement Preservation state that for every $1 spent on asphalt preservation, up to $10.80 is realized in reduced replacement costs.

Our future:  it saves the environment.​

"The Green Circle Certification (click here to read it) verified that over a twenty year period, applications of GSB-88 ® once every five years can double the life of pavement, in turn reducing global warming 49%, ecotoxicity 36%, and smog 49% by eliminating the need to resurface the road." (PRweb)

Downtime:  it is less disruptive to your clients.​

On average, a pavement is ready for use just a few hours after a GSB-88 ® asphalt preservation treatment. Your customers will enjoy longer periods of uninterrupted service along with the highest quality pavement surfaces.





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