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Ice Prevention Products and Services

While significant cost reduction in material and labor along with a need for increased safety and melting performance drives the rapid growth of this emerging technology, we at Gee Asphalt Systems, Inc. care about working with you and your company for the long haul.

Our Winter Products:

​Gee Winter Products are just...BETTER!
  • Granular and liquid costs less than salt and sand when you factor in damage to carpet/flooring and spring cleanup.

Sand: Cheaper to put down but costs more when you factor in cleanup!

  • Sand is dirty and requires cleanup in the spring.

Salt: Loses it's effectiveness the colder it gets!

  • At a temperature of 30 degrees (F), one pound of salt (sodium chloride) will melt approximately 46 pounds of ice. But, as the temperature drops,
    salt's effectiveness slows significantly!
    Near 10 degrees (F) and below, your salt is
    barely working!

Gee offers pre-treated bulk salt stock piles.

Pre-Storm Event: Anti-Icing

Gee Asphalt provides anti-icing treatments that save you significant time and money.

​Research has proven when pavement owners apply liquid anti-icing treatments to their pavements as part of a proactive attack before the storm arrives, the result is a significant reduction in the effort (and cost) to keep roads, highways and parking areas clear.

Only a few products meet our exceptionally high standards of quality, performance, and cost-effectiveness in the long-term. At the top of our list, are the powerful and environmentally friendly liquid de-icers Caliber M1000 and Caliber M2000, and here's why.

Caliber enhanced liquid de-icers exhibit more melting and staying power than nearly anything else on the market today. Anti-icing effectiveness is maximized when Caliber is blended into a liquid de-icer. Caliber enhancers act to "supercharge" the liquid de-icer and not only cause the liquid de-icer to melt longer, but to melt at lower temperatures as well. By pre-wetting salt stockpiles with a liquid that stays in the stockpile, work crews achieve a more workable and flowing inventory that handles and stores well over the summer. Pre-wetted rock salt also sticks better when broadcast from application vehicles, reducing losses from bounce and scatter by as much as 40%.

Importantly, anti-icing enhances public safety. Research conducted by insurance agencies, municipalities and state agencies show a dramatic reduction in claims for loss of life, limb and property damage after liquid de-icers are employed.


The benefits of anti-icing with quality products saves you a lot of money!

Benefits of Caliber

Reduces the amount of chemical needed.

Reduces associated costs such as driver/operator overtime and wear and tear on equipment, since fewer trips and repeat applications are needed.

Eliminates any cleanup costs in the spring because there is nothing to sweep up.

Eliminates the annual replacement costs of delicate landscaping, trees, shrubs.

Eliminates costly repairs to expensive floors, marble, brick, terrazzo, carpet and other quality surfaces.

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Everything you need to know about ice prevention.

Our Products

and Services

We perform honest, consistent work with superior products anywhere in the United States.



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De-Icing involves the application of liquid or granular chemicals after precipitation is underway. Chemical de-icers applied for de-icing can either be liquid or granular.

Our front-runner, Caliber MeltDown Liquid de-icer penetrates through snow and ice better than traditional practices to help break the bonding of snow and ice from pavement surfaces and eliminate problems associated with tracking. Our de-icers are delivered in bulk into your storage tank. Mixing is not necessary, and diluting is not recommended. Managers and agencies utilizing MeltDown products report up to 60% savings in cost compared to using traditional de-icing practices.

Gee Asphalt Systems, Inc. also offers, for wholesale and retail, several types of unique, high performance, environmentally sensitive packaged granular de-icers, including:

-  MeltDown AbsoluteZero
-  EcoMelt

-  Titan
-  Triple Melt with ACTIVAR
-  Hammer
-  Traction Melt CL
-  Ice Slicer RS


We also have non-corrosive liquid de-icers designed for parking structures. They are offered in a wide variety of attractive package sizes and types to suit your needs. Whether reselling in a retail setting, or placing a bag ready for use out by the front door they look great. Call now and one of our expert specialists will direct you towards the product that fits your special needs.


Post-Storm Event: De-Icing

Gee Asphalt knows from experience the best de-icers for you to use that break down snow and reduce tracking.

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