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We will create and help implement a long-term pavement preservation plan for all of your pavement needs:

Reduced Down Time

Penetrates into the matrix,
Reduces closure time,
Minimizes safety hazards to public & crews

Reduced Cost

Longer life-cycle,
Higher benefit means lower cost,
Pavement service-life extended

Postponed Reconstruction

Halts oxidation, weathering, 
aging making pavements last and last.

Green Circle Certified

GSB-88 ® penetrates into the pavement matrix and becomes part of the surface of asphalt, and is sensitive to our delicate environment — No nasty toxins running loose
in your neighborhood.

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The Downtown project was included in this year's fiscal budget. We will use a petroleum product — Gilsonite Resin

GSB-88 ® — before the refining process. I'm excited. We will gain another 5 or 6 years on our streets by doing this.

Mitch Doht

P.E.,York, Nebraska

Gee applies GSB ® to fend off the oxidation that starts immediately after the construction process and extend the life of the pavement by maintaining the flexibility of the asphalt. Pavement preservation represents a proactive approach in maintaining our existing street network. It (GSB ®) will reduce future costly, time consuming rehabilitation and reconstruction projects and associated traffic disruptions. With timely preservation we can provide the traveling public with improved safety and mobility, reduced congestion, and smoother, longer lasting pavements.

City of Bettendorf, IA

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Watch this video discussing the unique needs for asphalt preservation in cities and towns.


Solution:  Asphalt Preservation with Gilsonite Sealer Binder (GSB)
  • GSB-Friction Seal
  • GSB-88 ® (Modified Sealer Binder Emulsion)
References and Videos

GSB-88 ®: Promising product for pothole sollutions

GSB-88 ® Asphalt Treatment on Road

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GSB-88 ® Asphalt Treatment in Town

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Listen to the audio files below from

Todd Kinney, County Engineer, Clinton, Iowa

  Past President, Iowa County Engineers Association (ICEA) 

Why should the City of Council Bluffs choose to implement a long term pavement preservation strategy which includes a highly effective process called GSB-88®? Of course the decision should be based on performance and a lower the cost to the public. Reducing replacement intervals and improving the quality over a longer period of time and lowering cost should be the goal.

Some other very large and important agencies have chosen GSB-88®. The reason the FAA and DoD choose GSB-88® is based on a recent pavement preservation study conducted by the United States Navy Engineering Command. This study compared 10 commonly used coatings including Reclamite, fog seals, slurry coating, micro-slurry, GSB-88® and even overlays over a 5 year period and at over 200 locations. 5 years later 2000+ cores were taken, oils extracted, properties measured and a clear winner rose to the top, GSB-88®. GSB-88® preserved the oils inside pavements better, and longer. The Navy engineers conservatively predicted the doubling of pavement life when properly utilizing GSB-88®.

Even more compelling, when costs of all were compared GSB-88® returned with the lowest life-cycle cost and highest benefit to pavements treated! In fact, GSB-88® performed 2x better than the second best process. No small feat; several times better than chips seals, fog seals and slurry coatings.

For these reasons we recommend that the City adopt GSB-88® as the City of Des Moines, City of Davenport, City of Bettendorf, NDOR, the FAA, DoD and many others have as the preferred method for preserving good city streets, to keep them in good condition, and lengthen the life of our streets.

The City of Council Bluffs

As part of a board presentation to The City of Council Bluffs

Makes sense to me to try something new. It’s going to be a lot less expensive than putting two more inches of asphalt on it.


Read the article where Bill is quoted by

clicking here.

See the video by clicking here.

Bill Grove

Council Bluffs resident

I enjoyed working with you guys. We gave some constructive criticism and felt you guys took suggestions and advice with great professionalism and cooperation for opportunities to work together in the future.  Overall we the City of Lincoln are satisfied with the work performed, and product placed.  I know traffic became an issue at times but it seemed as though the crews were able to work through any problems or discrepancies that arose. Thank You.

Gaylon Masek

City of Lincoln Project Manager, Public Works & Utilities Department Engineering Services, Design/Construction Section

Another winner Dan! The Gastonia program went well from what I saw, and heard. Garry Saine from Gastonia was pleased as well. Ross said the application went well, and I noticed the cure time was less than 2 hours. I was really surprised to see how many tractor trailers went over the GSB-88® in less than an hour with little to no tracking!! I believe Gastonia will give us some more work in the near future.

Randy Caudle

BCI Materials/ Blythe Construction Inc.

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