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Our roads are our largest assets!

Mesa, Arizona An interview with Matt Manthey: Pavement Management Supervisor, City of Mesa, Arizona “We’re out here today, outside of Falcon Field, we’re going to be demoing GSB-88®. It’s a pavement preservation treatment.

Why are we doing it? Why do we care about preserving our roads? Our roads are our largest assets that we have. In Mesa alone, I have 2 billion dollars of asphalt roads that we have to maintain. That’s 36 million square yards of asphalt. And I try to get to about a quarter of that every year. Fog seals, crack seals, slurry seals, seal treatments like GSB-88®.

It is so important to maintain those assets. It really is. If you can do that and you can extend the life-cycle of a road from when it was put down to when it has to be reconstructed, the longer that period is, the better your return on your investment is.

We are always looking at reconstructing roads, those are incredibly high cost. Out here in Arizona, we can see costs $40 a square yard to rebuild an arterial segment road. But, a treatment like this (GSB-88®), for 1 to 2 dollars a square yard, can buy you 5-6 years. Then you can do it again in another 5-6 years, then a slurry seal at 2 dollars and so on. That $40 can buy you a life-time of pavement preservation and then you can focus on other areas that you actually do need to reconstruct."

And, that’s a significant money-saver!


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