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Why Pave When You Can Save?

What’s IT About? Peanut-butter vs. Butter

Typical sealcoats lay up on the surface much like peanut-butter sits on top of bread. These coatings do not penetrate into the matrix and therefore performance is tied directly to how much is left on top to protect the binder. So, once the surface erodes away, the binder that holds your pavement together is exposed to the elements. Even if you patch the damage, the structural break-down continues; water and seepage expand and contract allowing vital oils to escape to the surface and your pavement becomes brittle – and will need to be replaced sooner than you think! GSB-88 ® is Different and BETTER. Like Butter

Like the way butter seeps down into bread, GSB-88 ® is absorbed into the pavement to become part of the matrix adding rejuvenating maltene oils and asphaltenes down into the pavement surface. AND GSB-88 ® retains vital oils and flexibility down inside the pavement where they belong. The outcome is a preservation process like no other — LONGER LASTING pavements, extending pavement life 2x longer in independent research findings. Also, over the life-time of a pavement, GSB-88 ® is MORE COST EFFECTIVE — Saving 10x over the Cost of 1 Asphalt Overlay!

GSB-88 ® is simple to use and requires minimal preparations minimal down time. Many GSB-88 ® projects are re-opened to traffic with just 1 - 2 hours total closure time.

Reduced Closure Time = EVEN MORE MONEY SAVED! Give us a call to see how you can start SAVING today!

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