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Your Peers Rely on GSB-88®; Part of Successful Pavement Maintenance Strategies.

How do GSB-88® clients use Asphalt Preservation methods to meet their goal, save money and extend pavement life? Take a look at the ASI Green Product Usage Award winners!

City of Bettendorf Public Works Director Brian Schmidt and City Engineer Brent Morlok The City of Bettendorf continues to utilize a Pro-active Asphalt Maintenance Strategy by applying GSB-88® to City projects and has been very pleased with the results; improved safety and mobility, reduced congestion, and smoother, longer lasting pavements.

Cedar County County Engineer Robert Fangmann In long-term maintenance of the County’s Secondary Road System and other projects, Fangmann and Cedar County know the value/over-all cost-savings of Pavement Preservation with GSB-88®.

The City of Eldridge Public Works Director Brian Wessel The City of Eldridge is “a hometown with a vision” and has many Green initiatives already in-place to keep up with the growing needs of residents and businesses. And, using Green-Circle Certified GSB-88® to sustain City pavements is as Green as it gets!

Dunn County Currently in the middle of a pro-active 5-Year Highway Improvement Program, Dunn County knows the value/over-all cost-savings of Pavement Preservation with GSB-88® to help curb excess spending and stretch the Budget. Thank-you for paving the way to creating sustainable county pavements!

Dodge County Hwy Commissioner Brian Field The Dodge County Highway Department maintains 540.57 miles of county highways, 227.65 miles of state and U.S. highways, and about 114 miles of town roads. The County also maintains the Dodge County Airport. With that much pavement maintenance responsibility, a pro-active approach is KEY to sustainable pavements and keeping the County budget in-check.

Eau Claire County Hwy Commissioner Jon Johnson What is one HUGE benefit Eau Claire County has gained by adopting a Proactive Asphalt Maintenance Strategy for 421 miles of roads on a very tight Budget? “As we invest, and improve, our highway systems, the funding formulas at the state level look at that. If we’re willing to invest in our systems, they’re willing to give us more aid, then we invest that in our maintenance programs. It helps slingshot us ahead quite a bit from where we were.”

City of Clinton City Engineer Jason Craft

Years ago, when The City looked to improve pavement maintenance strategies and reduce storm water runoff, GSB-88® was found to absorb/penetrate down to become part of the matrix—and NOT sit-on-top and abrade off into storm sewers. Plus, cost-effective GSB-88® helps The City “stay ahead” in pavement repairs.

Everyone here at Gee salutes all our clients who have chosen to be pro-active with their Asphalt Maintenance Strategies—we value you all, and wish we could award each one of you for being Leading Industry Leaders—because that’s what you truly are!

GEE ASPHALT / Making Your Pavements Last Longer!

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