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Want to reduce maintenance costs up to 60%?

FHWA data states that $1 spent on Preservation reduces future replacement costs up to $10.80! Known fact: A road is installed with a life-cycle. Often a decade passes and little is done to access its health. But soon, defects become unavoidable. Once the damage is visible, the binder remains unprotected and exposed. If left unchecked, it will continue to deteriorate at an alarming rate.

At this stage, to stall further deterioration, temporary fixes often are applied--but they don’t improve the health and strength of the binder crucial to pavement longevity. Damage will continue to progress through the structure--and your road, now in Poor Condition will land at the top of your Reconstruction List.

There is a better way. Combat future reconstruction costs at the source--Plan to spend a little of your budget now and preserve Good Condition pavements in Good condition with GSB.

GSB is not your average coating. It is asphalt cement that not only penetrates down into the matrix but also moves at the same rate as asphalt pavement. Unlike surface coatings, GSB’s unique chemical makeup locks in vital oils and pavement flexibility. The result--pavements are preserved in Good Condition normally 2x as long as other processes! GSB Works! We have pavements that have been on a strategic preservation program for 40+ years! Call us today and let us show you how you can significantly reduce your maintenance costs with your own Strategic Preservation Program!

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