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Top New Years Resolutions for Pavement Maintenance

“GSB-88® Sealer Binder cost about 8x less than the cost of applying new asphalt.” --Matt Hawks, General Manager, White Cloud Casino “Thank-you for introducing us to a cost-effective and efficient product (GSB-88®)! All airfield users agree it is a great improvement rejuvenating a deteriorated taxiway into an almost new system.”
 --Shaun Germolus, Director of Operations, Duluth International Airport "Analysis shows GSB-88® yields a Savings-To-Investment Ratio (SIR) Of 5.0 and a Return On Investment (ROI) of 400%."
 --GSB-88 NAVFAC Performance Report “$1 spent today on pavement preservation reduces future replacement costs up to $10.80”
 – Jim Sorensen, Director Pavement Preservation, FHWA

“Our parking lot was showing signs of deterioration. We needed to improve the appearance and safety. Replacement with new asphalt was going to be costly. We could replace it OR, preserve it by sealing the cracks and applying GSB®. We agreed to have Gee Asphalt Systems provide the pavement preservation services...and are very pleased.
" --Matt Hawks, General Manager, White Cloud Casino

 “GSB-88® is engineered to significantly retard surface oxidation by rebinding the surface aggregate and protect the pavement binder from the natural surface oxidation process. Surface oxidation is far and away the greatest deteriorating factor on the majority of DOD airfields.” 
--DOD Comprehensive Evaluation of GSB-88® Sealer Binder

“Thank you for your assistance in providing a solution to our problem...The untreated test section showed extreme raveling with excessive loose aggregate and a very porous surface. The subsequent test application of GSB® has corrected this problem and has no doubt prolonged the life of this surface. It is evident the surface would have to have been replaced if not for the GSB® application.” --Tom McCarthy, Operations Manager, Northpark Mall 

“We are very satisfied with GSB® and over the years of wear and tear it has held up tremendously well. We have used other products over the years but they do not compare to the quality of the GSB® application.” 
--Eugene Oakey, Director of Facilities, May Centers, Inc.

 “Gee Asphalt showed me pavements where GSB® had been used from as little as 1 year ago, up to pavements maintained as long as 32 years, and they all looked amazing!” 
--Brent Stansbury, Facility Engineer, Gateway, Inc.

 “We wanted to try something besides the ss1h asphalt emulsions to keep aggregates bound in place on the shoulders, prevent raveling, and keep newly placed asphalt in a "like new" condition. We tried GSB-88®. Years later aggregates were still bound tightly in place...GSB-88® was applied to asphalt overlay projects having ADT (average daily traffic) ranging from 300-2600 vehicles. We will continue using GSB-88® for our asphalt preservation applications.”
 --Allen Horak, District Maintenance Superintendent, Nebraska Department of Roads

“I can’t say enough about Gee Asphalt, their professionalism, polite and courteous staff and customer satisfaction. They talk the talk and walk the walk! You continue to be a true pleasure to work with. Gee Asphalt has become an awesome partner in Asphalt Preservation!" 
 --Scott Mallicoat, District Maintenance Supervisor, Farmington Schools “Gee got the job done right!...Working with a company that gets the job done right the first time with little supervision is great! I look forward to working with Gee Asphalt in the future.”
 --Les Lawson, Iowa State University, Facilities Planning & Management Campus Services “From the salesperson to receptionist, owner to crew, these top-notch professionals exceeded our expectations with their fast and efficient, high quality work. Knowledgeable and courteous describes their staff and crew. I would highly recommend them.”
 --Ms. Angie Ellison, Engineering Technician, City of Eagan Minnesota “Everyone at Gee Asphalt Systems, from the owner to office staff to field crews, are professional and act with integrity. They understand our shopping center clients and work diligently to minimize customer inconvenience."
 --Thomas R. Zimmer, PE, Principal, Zimmer Consultants, Ltd Make Gee part of your New Year's Resolution and improve the health of your pavements today!

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