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Gilsonite...the Million Year Solution!

Has anybody noticed our pavements aging faster than they used to?

Refineries find new ways every day to extract new chemicals from petroleum such as polymers, anti-oxidants, ultraviolet & infrared inhibitors and powerful epoxies.

Economics 101 taught us that supply and demand drives cost, and the demand for these new super-refined components drives cost for asphalt cement up while we simultaneously witness lowered performance in the real world.

Ouch! That is double indemnity! That explains in a nutshell what is happening, but where do we go from here in the real world? UN-REFINED... because nothing else performs like Gilsonite! What if we could turn the clock back a million years? We did sort of, our asphalt cement is made by Mother Nature. It has never been cracked in a refinery, and it still has all the good stuff in it. Gilsonite ore is mined then turned back into a liquid preservation treatment that is tough and durable, a super binder that acts like the asphalt cement binders from years ago.

When used to create GSB-88, it becomes a superior preservation alternative to sustain streets, roadways and highways, airports, and commercial pavements.

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