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Diverse Research Proves the Benefits of Preservation

As a family business, here at Gee, we have been conducting research on preservation products for close to 50 yrs and counting.

But, as we all have observed firsthand, the asphalt industry has changed while costs have risen--and roads just don’t last as long as they used to.

And, in response and under the mandate of reducing costs and sustaining vital infrastructure, many other entities (only some are listed to the side) have done independent research with all the same results: The use of Preservation products can extend 2x the life of pavements and reduce overall maintenance costs. But this research isn’t just filed away, it’s put into practice!

While most of California’s highways are more than half a century old, they carry nearly half of the nation’s container freight. Recently the California Transportation Commission (Caltrans) initiated a “Fix It First” campaign, which includes preserving pavements that are in good condition from deteriorating. Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty reasons, “To get the most bang for the buck for taxpayers, Caltrans targets dollars where they are most effective--pavement preservation. Every $1 spent on preventive pavement maintenance saves Californians $11 that would have been spent on expensive pavement repairs.” (Source: Central Valley Business Times / Sacramento, CA June 26th, 2014) Time and time again, test after test, pavements in Good Condition when treated with GSB, result in a binder with unmatched strength–durability and bonding properties with high density–capable of preserving vital oils and flexibility in the pavement for decades of trouble free pavements and prolonged traffic load carrying capabilities! Contact us today and let us show you how we are preserving today’s infrastructure for future generations.

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