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Change the Way You Think About Pavement Maintenance!

There is a vicious spending cycle that is eating away at our county and city budgets. The “Worst First” maintenance strategy allocates budget dollars for rehabilitation of the very worst pavements, leaving little or no money left to spend on maintaining Good condition pavements.

Change the Way You Think About Pavement Maintenance! While preventing oxidation of the asphalt binder is a "first priority" and is critical to pavement longevity, once the binder is exposed, if neglected, Good condition pavements quickly deteriorate and will end up at the top your reconstruction list sooner than you think! There is a better strategy!

Bypass the expensive cycle of temporary fixes and reconstruction costs by preserving Good condition pavements with Gilsonite Sealer Binder (GSB). GSB Sealer Binder out performs every other asphalt emulsion (polymer modified too) in wet track abrasion tests, increased permeability, reduced viscosity, and reduction of oxidation processes--and keeps asphalt pavement performing like new for many years–normally twice as long as other processes. GSB, as part of a proactive preservation program, has been proven to reduce pavement maintenance costs by up to 60%! Changing the way you think about maintaining your network of pavements requires planning, perseverance and getting the whole organization up to speed on the benefits of preservation, all the way from the field and operations people, up to the top management and ownership. This can be a challenge, especially when the system has always been run "this way."

But, if the experts are in agreement about the benefits and budget-savings, isn’t it about time to reevaluate how your organization thinks about preservation and your pavement maintenance strategy?

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