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Asphalt is Green

Today more than ever, concern for the environment is on the rise. We can no longer be complacent about how we use or waste our resources. Preservation in essence, is caring about the future condition of the world we live in. The decisions we make today have consequences on our environment tomorrow. They are either positive or minimal in nature, or they are large and far reaching and very negative, and we have to live with it. The legacy we leave for our children and grand children will determine if we were good stewards of what we had been given. Preservation is the "long-term" philosophy that shows we recognize these important environmental issues. Most of us are accustomed to doing certain things to help the cause. Striving to get good gas mileage is a good idea. It preserves our finite resources for future generations while reducing air pollution today. Recycling bottles, paper, metals and such is certainly a noble task. Resources are returned to useful service and the burden on replacement is minimized. But, lets get real for a minute. There are still significant issues in the "save the earth" discussion that are many times larger than recycling bottles and cans. There is something imminently larger, massively more expensive and critical to our prosperity now and in the future. Our infrastructure! Asphalt Preservation:

  • reduces pollution and the demand for finite resources

  • increases the sustainability of a significant national asset.

  • is environmentally responsible

  • is ultimately cost-effective

Being good stewards of what we have been given by preserving our interstate highways, city and county roads, airport runways, parking lots, and our transportation network is just the right thing to do for the sake of future generations!

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