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How does Gee and GSB-88® help with funding shortages?

"Due to funding shortfalls, local agencies are directing more funding in preventive maintenance on HMA pavements in order to extend the life of the pavement."

– Todd Kinney, Clinton County Engineer, Past President, Iowa County Engineers Association (ICEA)

How does Gee and GSB-88® help Jones County with funding shortages?

“Typically in the past, there wasn’t such as emphasis on shortage of funding, so it was a practice of use the existing pavement until it's completely deteriorated— tear it up and put new back down.

Recently, the amount of existing pavement that’s past its useful life is so broad and we have such a short fundage, that tearing up and repairing all the existing bad pavements just isn't an option. So, we’re trying as many ways to prolong the existing paved roads for as long as we possibly can.

GSB® was one solution we looked at to try to offset some of the replacement costs with extending the life of some of our paved roads.

GSB® penetrates deep into the existing pavement that creates a flexible pavement which was what it was initially intended to be.

GSB® gets deep down into the pavement opposed to just on the surface—so it makes the whole thing (binder) flexible and work together.

GSB® is a little bit broader, goes over the entire area. So, GSB® protects from future cracks plus those that are existing or very small.

GSB® was a very easy process. We did the project under traffic. It didn’t take very much time. It seemed to do the job it said it was going to do so far. We are very happy with the GSB® product.”

– Derek Snead, Jones County Engineer (video content can be seen here.)

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