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Le Roy approves GSB ®

The following is a snapshot leading to the approval process of GSB ® during a city council meeting.

Le Roy — At Monday’s city council meeting...Gee Asphalt Systems Inc. was approved to apply GSB-88® asphalt emulsion fog seal at a contracted rate not to exceed $50,000, and the council approved the motion while waiving competitive bidding.

At a previous committee meeting in February, Dan Gee — representing Gee Asphalt — told the council of the Gilsonite product sold as GSB-88 ® that is poured onto road surfaces to extend life. He said it would have to be applied to new roads or other roads in Good Condition after cracks are filled, and he noted it is a natural form of asphalt found primarily in Utah. Because Gilsonite does not undergo the oil refining process, it is naturally better for the environment, extending the life of pavement with its unique chemistry, Gee told the council at the meeting. The GSB-88 ® application would cost about $1.50 per square yard, Gee previously told the council, noting (GSB-88 ®) is not an option for old roads. He said it would have to be part of a broader maintenance plan.

For that reason, streets recently overlaid would receive the treatment. Included streets for this year are: East Pine from Park to Lynn; East Elm from Chestnut to Mill; Warren from West Street to East Street; Green from Walnut to Chestnut; N. Main from Green to Wayne; the north end of Carroll and Grandview to Washington Street. Other overlay streets that were oil and chipped last year are also possible sites for the GSB-88 sealant.

Gee’s company is based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and has worked on several projects across the country, including several Florida airports.

A representative of another company (from a more local branch office) spoke to the public works committee in March about similar pavement preservation plans. He did not offer GSB-88 ® as a surface to be applied to new roads. Jenkins said the competitive bidding was being waived because GSB-88 ® was a “proprietary product,” and there was not much discussion, other than Alderman Hilary Sandy confirming that other options were discussed at committee. The expenditure was approved unanimously with an abstention from Alderman Brad Poindexter.

...Jenkins said GSB-88 ® is expected to prolong the life of (Le Roy) streets...

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