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GSB® Extends Pavement Life, and Our Customers are Saving REAL Money!

Proven by FHWA, FAA, NAVFAC, MDOT, and AZDOT research: GSB® Asphalt Preservation Treatments can Save 10x over the Cost of 1 Asphalt Overlay! The reality of the overwhelming costs of relying on a Worst-First Maintenance Strategy has left 60% of Jones County roads close to the end of their life-cycle. As in many counties, facing steep reconstruction costs and budget shortfalls, many engineers and decision-makers are looking for a better, more cost-effective strategy. See how GSB® was the strategy of choice for extending the roads of Jones County.

Derek Snead, P.E., Jones County Engineer. "I’ve been working with the county for about 2 1/2 years now. We’re trying our best to keep up with the roads as best we can with the money we’ve got. Well, we have an extensive pavement system here in the county, about 150 miles of paved roads. Of those 150 miles, a chunk of them, over 60% are getting closes to the end of their life. We obviously don’t have the funds to repair all the roads we want to. GSB® (Gilsonite Sealer Binder® Preservation Treatment) was one solution we looked at to try to offset some of the replacement (cost) with extending the life of some of our paved roads here in the county. It (GSB®) was a very easy process. We did the project under traffic. It didn’t take very much time. (We found) GSB® penetrates deep into the existing pavement. That creates a flexible pavement which is what it was initially intended to be. It (GSB®) gets down deep into the pavement as opposed to just on the surface--it gets down into it and makes the whole thing flexible and kind of work together. Typically when we do sealants they’re more for cracks and the surrounding areas. This GSB® is more of a broader (application). It goes over the entire area. It protects from future cracks that aren’t maybe existing quite yet or are very small. It (GSB®) seemed to to do the job it said it was going to do so far. So far, we are very happy with the product."

View full video here.

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