Lincoln, NE is pleased with GSB-88® and Gee.

Walk through the steps the City of Lincoln took to test and assess the effectiveness of GSB-88® for City projects.

STEP #1: September 2016: (This project will be the first time The City of Lincoln Public Works and Utilities Department will use GSB-88® Gilsonite Sealer Binder.) GSB-88® is approved and applied to a test strip on an arterial road; Old Cheney Road from Hunts Drive to Salt Valley View. The road will reopen in the afternoon.

THE EXPECTATION: “This innovative pavement preservation strategy will help us keep our roads in good shape for a longer period of time.” — Miki Esposito, Lincoln Public Works and Utilities Director STEP #2: Budgeted for 2017— Following the success of the test strip, the City applied GSB-88® to 125 blocks of residential streets—a strategy to help protect the more than $7 million investment in residential street rehabilitation made over the past five years. STEP #3: THE RESULT: GSB-88® penetrates down and becomes part of the matrix which seals in vital oils; strengthens the binder and reduces weathering—all to extend pavement life at a fraction of the cost of 1 asphalt overlay. “I enjoyed working with you guys. Overall The City of Lincoln is satisfied with the work performed, and product placed. You guys took suggestions and advice with great professionalism and cooperation for opportunities to work together in the future."

— Gaylon Masek, Project Manager, City of Lincoln, Public Works & Utilities Department, Engineering Services, Design/Construction Section

Want to know more about how YOUR City pavements can benefit with GSB-88® ? Give us a call today for a free consultation and let us show you how to efficiently manage the health of your pavements AND save money!

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