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Why should you preserve a perfectly Good Runway?

Garfield County Regional Airport (RIL): How a Pro-active Pavement Maintenance Strategy is saving this airport millions!

The Need for a Pro-active Strategy: "In mountainous areas subject to extreme weather conditions, asphalt will fail after only 12 years, even if a runway was initially designed to structurally hold for 20 years." –William VanHercke, Manager, Aviation Services, CH2M HILL's Northwest Mountain Region “Research shows that if airports maintain asphalt pavement every three to five years, they can get more than 20 years out of a runway – if not 30.” –Joel Harry, Airfield Civil Engineer, Project Manager, CH2M HILL "We (had) an absolutely perfect runway So, one month after it was finished, we completed a 20-year maintenance plan to make sure it stayed in that same condition." –RIL Airport Director, Brian Condie The Plan (Get Ahead of Deterioration Cycles): Historically, RIL was forced to shut down each year for several days while the pavement surface was closely inspected and every crack sealed. This was a terrible inconvenience and loss of revenue for the airport and the whole community. Plus, Some RIL's runway pavement and joints were showing signs of premature raveling–only 3 short years after the runway was refurbished. But, instead of waiting five years before taking steps to maintain their Good Condition runway, RIL developed a pro-active maintenance strategy to postpone a full resurfacing. GSB Is the Solution: RIL sought the advice of Asphalt Systems to determine the best long-term maintenance strategy while keeping the runway looking and performing like brand new. Together, it was decided GSB was the best solution. GSB-88, made from a natural black bitumen, contains a rejuvenating agent that penetrates into the matrix providing long-term protection, while keeping the pavement pliable and flexible. And, because GSB is made from a long-chain hydrocarbon, it is extremely resistant to moisture and ultraviolet rays–preventing UV rays from breaking down vital oils. GSB Is a Budget-saver! Because the project came in around $300,000 (vs. the originally anticipated $470,000), RIL was able to carry over the airport's entitlement funds for use on a bigger project the following year. But the money saving doesn’t stop there. “By performing prompt preventative maintenance every few years, the airport expects to spend $1.5 million over 25 years vs. an estimated $6 million to resurface the runway twice."–William VanHercke, Manager, Aviation Services, CH2M HILL's Northwest Mountain Region That’s over 3x in savings!!! 3 years after application, the GSB-treated surface remains in “like new” condition and performance! Now that’s a Win-Win result! Plus, the New FAA P-608 Specification calls for Gilsonite Modified Asphalt Emulsion (GSB) to be used on all airfield pavements, including runways and high-speed taxiways! Start saving money and sustain the look and performance of your runway! Contact us today!

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