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Why preserve a parking lot 1 yr after installation?

The bottom line: IT SAVES MONEY! Proven: FHWA, FAA, NAVFAC, MDOT, and AZDOT data all conclude, for $1 spent on Asphalt Preservation, up to $11 is saved by reducing replacement costs and extending pavement life.

Why does it work? Preventing asphalt binder oxidation is a "first priority" and is critical to pavement longevity. According to FHWA research data, up to 80% of pavement flexibility is lost during the first 5 years. In other words, your pavements’ vital oils, essential for high performance, escape at a rapid pace and contribute to the condition of your pavement.

While pavements in Good Condition, may perform well, you can sustain your lots in New Condition before pavements begin to show signs of age and oxidation. GSB-88® (Gilsonite Sealer Binder), seals and traps all the New Oils present during manufacture deep inside that maintain, pliability, ductility, and flexibility—and keep the damaging weather and elements locked OUT of your binder.

Like the way butter seeps down into bread, GSB®’s unique molecular properties create a durable seal that not only keep aggregates tightly glued together, but penetrate down to become part of the matrix itself. The outcome is a binder with unmatched strength–durability and bonding properties with high density.

Original pavement performance, in this case, NEW CONDITION, is preserved for decades of trouble free pavements and load carrying capabilities!...and YOU SAVE MONEY!

A Healthy Outside Starts From the Inside!

Preserve the binder and maintain high pavement performance while doubling the life of your parking lots! This is a different way of thinking about the health of your pavements. Rather than being REACTIVE to what happens to your asphalt and throwing a lot of money at repairs, this is a process of being PROACTIVE and protecting one of your most expensive assets!

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us show you how you can sustain mall lots AND save money with GSB-88 ® as part of a sound Asphalt Preservation Maintenance Strategy!

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