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Night Repairs Giving You Budget Nightmares?

FALL is HERE. The days are getting shorter and if worsening pavement deterioration throughout your lot is giving you nightmares, there are now less daylight hours for necessary repairs. And, you hope your binder will stay protected throughout the harsh unpredictable winter months.

But, night repairs often come with a much LARGER PRICE-TAG. And, if your business is open 24 hours, less parking might mean customers may drive on down the road and spend their money at your competitor’s store!

What if you could make those closures less often, for less time, and ultimately save you money? GSB-88® lasts 2x as long as other processes AND cures quickly AND saves you money.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us show you how you can sustain pavements AND save money with GSB-88 ® as part of a sound Asphalt Preservation Maintenance Strategy!

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