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Is your runway maintenance strategy costing you money?

Here’s 2 scenarios with cost estimates. Which scenario can you relate to the most?

Scenario 1 8 yrs after runway installation, some raveling is noticeable and identified as a potential safety hazard. Budget for a a full mill down and overlay resurfacing project and make shut down preparations for at least a month. Afterwards, for a time, runway operates well. However, in 5-8 yrs raveling detected again. Again, budget for a resurfacing project and shut down for repairs.

 Cost (2 resurfacing projects) = 6 million dollars.
 + Cost of runway shut down for 30+ days, 2x in a 25 yr life-cycle = ??? In 3-5 yrs more, notice structural integrity failure. Budget for complete tear out and reconstruction.

 Scenario 2
 In 5-8 yrs after runway installation (sooner for best results), seal with GSB-88 (Gilsonite Sealer Binder) before raveling is detected and close runway for 2 days. Runway is preserved in Good Condition. Plan to seal coat with GSB-88 every 5 yrs during a 25 yr life-cycle and keep runway in Good Condition for years longer than typical processes. Cost (seal with GSB-88 every 5 yrs in a 25+ yr life-cycle) = $1.5 million
 + Cost of closing down runway for 2 days once every 5 yrs. How can GSB-88 perform better than other processes?
 Extensive research has validated: Unlike other processes that stick on the asphalt’s surface, GSB-88 will never crack, peel or delaminate. Because of it’s unique chemical properties, GSB-88 penetrates down into the matrix, becomes part of the surface, and forms a tight seal. In combination, the aging process is halted while pavement flexibility is preserved and load carrying ability is significantly extended. The choice is yours! Plan to spend some to preserve runway surfaces in Good Condition every 5 years OR spend 3x as much on resurfacing projects with lengthy closures!

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