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GSB-88® Saves Money / Improves Safety in Parking Lots!

While thousands of people slip and fall in parking lots each year, statistics have shown that most parking lot accidents are the result of slippery conditions in poorly maintained parking lots during the winter. And any other time during the year, very rarely does the average patron talking on their mobile device or carrying oversized packages–otherwise distracted–consider the safety of the pavement they are walking on. No matter the size, every inch of your parking lot needs to be carefully maintained because patrons walk over every part of it! This is of the utmost importance, because, you, the parking lot owner could be held liable in court if an injury was caused by damaged/aging pavement, potholes, or crumbling curbs. In other words, if you are found to be negligent because your lot wasn’t kept properly safe you could be shelling out thousands of dollars in claims! You have a few options when it comes to effective parking lot maintenance. You can wait until you see some raveling or cracks in the pavement and apply a fix that may only last a season–or you can get ahead of the damage with a pro-active Asphalt Preservation Strategy with GSB-88®. 

 Because GSB-88® is not a typical coating, it’s unique regenerative properties allow the product to penetrate through and become part of the surface of asphalt pavement while preserving and strengthening the binder. Any deterioration your pavement may have been experiencing will be halted and the lot will actually retain the black “like-new” appearance. Plus, applications of GSB-88® are quick-curing and require little downtime and last 2x as long as other processes–getting patrons back into your business a lot faster with fewer headaches. GSB-88® saves you money and improves safety. Give us call and we’ll show you the difference!

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