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Are recurring repairs a budget nightmare for 2016?

What’s on your Budget for the New Year?

Are some of the same patches and fixes expected on your Budget again in 2016? If you are this pavement owner, just like last year and several years before that, this ugly repair is now a permanent line in the Budget.

Plus, besides the cost of the materials, this downhill narrow stretch without shoulders creates potential safety hazards for both motorists forced to a stop and workers out on the road during the duration of the repair…YEAR AFTER YEAR.

Had a more proactive approach been taken—before the tale-tale signs of pavement decay—with a sound Asphalt Preservation strategy, this repair wouldn’t be a reoccurring nightmare.

Being Proactive with a sound Asphalt Preservation Strategy saves A LOT of money!

With proven cost savings—up to $10.80 for every $1 spent on Asphalt Preservation, just how much money is being wasted on reoccurring repair YEAR AFTER YEAR?

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us show you how you can sustain pavements AND save money with GSB-88 ® as part of a sound Asphalt Preservation Maintenance Strategy!

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