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A little kindness reaches far.

When someone is in need and we have the opportunity to help—without hesitation—we help. That’s just who we are—for no other reason—it’s just the right thing to do. 2 weeks ago we had to opportunity to help a woman at a gas station in Florida. We certainly weren’t expecting to hear anything about it. But, not long after, this message was posted on the Gee Asphalt Facebook page. "Thanks to Dan Gee,

My name is KP I run a small chimney co. out of Vermont called Chimneysmith, recently My mother met Dan and his wife in Punta Gorda Florida. At our company we always take care and treat our customers like family, Dan Gee couldn't have known the struggles my mother has, and for no reason at all at a gas station a total stranger gave my mom’s car some much needed maintenance. He fueled her up, checked her tires, and topped off her oil❤️! From the heart Mr. Gee I Thank You and God Bless."


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