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Neighbors, homeowners association at odds over road improvement project.

Studies show Coal Tar pitch is highly toxic to animal, plant, and human life and is banned in many states. Yet, products using Coal Tar are still being used in pavement maintenance plans.

Read the full transcript where community members voice their concerns and want better/safer options.

Monday, October 30th 2017

BOLIVIA, NC (WECT), Connor DelPrete Reports

While most homeowners would probably welcome road improvements in their neighborhoods, members of Winding River Plantation are fighting back to stop a road project they say would put their health at risk.

A plan to improve the roads within Winding River Plantation is met by major pushback to stop a road project they say would put their health at risk.

“If the board okays something like this, that disturbs me.”

Kathleen DeNike, Homeowner

The disturbing realization, a product containing human carcinogens could be on their roads by next week.

“What do all the other states do where Coal Tar is banned? I’m sure there are options we can consider. I just don’t want Coal Tar on our roads.” Rachel Patrick, Homeowner

Patrick says members of the infrastructure committee handed her husband these documents which confirmed their intention to use Paverx a product containing Coal Tar, on the roads.

“A lot of community members tout that they’re so concerned with being stewards of the environment—This is a big huge issue—I think it’s disgusting. I think if they move forward—it is disgusting—shame on the board!” Kathleen DeNike, Homeowner

The document acknowledges there are studies linking Coal Tar to major health concerns. It goes on to say Paverx would sink into the asphalt and wouldn’t be as detrimental.

“They say that, but I haven’t seen any evidence that supports that. If it soaks into the asphalt, it means it can soak into the ground and then in fact soak into the groundwater.” Mike Giles, NC Coastal Federation

An idea that just doesn’t soak in with neighbors.

"If we had known they were planning on using Coal Tar when we were looking for homes, I don't think we would have looked in Winding River. This is a beautiful community with a lot of amenities we enjoy here, but honestly, that is a huge deal to us, especially with a young child." Rachel Patrick, Homeowner

Clearly a lot of confusion and conflicting opinions when it comes to this road improvement project. Now I gave the home owners association a chance to put neighbors’ fears to rest and explain their side. They declined to comment.

“It’s a huge risk you are taking for thousands of people here. That (Coal Tar health risks) are less likely, that’s just not a risk that I’m willing to take.” Rachel Patrick, Homeowner

The project is set to start on Nov. 6 and last 10 days. Patrick said she will not stop bringing her concerns up to the HOA and anyone else who will listen until they put a halt on the project.

See the news story here.

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