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Is your ice prevention strategy GOOD for your assets?

Every year building and pavement owners discover thousands of dollars in property damage after the snow and ice thaw.

Don’t let this be you. Use the right product for the right job! Unlike in other de-icers, Caliber does not contain abrasive elements so replacement, cleanup or repair becomes virtually non-existent. Liquid de-icers enhanced with Caliber are environmentally friendly to pedestrians and vegetation (including delicate landscaping) and are less corrosive to concrete and concrete parking structures, and will not damage your expensive floors and carpeting. Many of our customers have indicated their reduced floor care costs single-handedly paid for the switch over to liquid de-icers!

And, Caliber is more powerful than other de-icers, so less is needed to yield the same or even better melting performance. This means for a lower overall cost, Caliber gives you more melting and staying power than nearly anything else on the market today.

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