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Can Asphalt Preservation REALLY Impact a Pavement's Load-Carrying Capability?

There are always variables affecting a road, but the impact of preventive maintenance can be this noticeable!

What Determines the Load-Carrying Capability of Asphalt Pavement? Asphalt pavement mixes are mostly made of Aggregates (90-95% of the pavement mix, by weight) and Asphalt Binder (4-8% of the pavement mix, by weight). Aggregates provide most of the load-bearing properties of the mix. I.E., crushed stone, gravel, and sand–all hard, inert mineral materials. In contrast, as defined by the FHWA, the Asphalt Binder, typically produced by refineries during petroleum processing, is the thermoplastic materials and sticky substance that holds everything together. When your Binder is left unpreserved, it dries out/loses flexibility and vital oils, and is no longer able to hold the Aggregates in place. When Aggregates become loose, the Load-Carrying Capabilities of your pavement are severely compromised–and your pavement will continue to decrease in Grade/Quality/Usability. There is ABSOLUTELY something you can do to preserve YOUR pavement’s load-carrying ability and halt the deterioration cycle–ASPHALT PRESERVATION. The FHWA states, "Preservation addresses minor deficiencies early, before the defects become major problems, and extends the life of the asset at a relatively low cost. A strong preservation program is essential to asset management." We ARE the Asphalt Preservation Specialists! Gee is a Family company and we have been conducting research on best-practices for more than 60 yrs! Do you want to know how you can maintain the Load-Carrying Capabilities of your pavement? Give us a call, drop us an email, or connect with us via social media. We'd love to share our expertise with you!

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