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Considering Coal Tar Sealant? You may be doing more harm than you think!

Like many of your peers, you may be seeing your pavement maintenance budget shrink. While Coal Tar might look budget friendly, increasing studies lay solid scientific proof to decades of speculation that the chemicals in Coal Tar Sealants are toxic and even deadly to the surrounding environment. Linked to tumors and death in fish and cancers in humans, ongoing research now shows that extremely high levels of PAHs (toxins) are released in the air as the Sealant is applied and curing. Further studies of the effects of abraded particles as Coal Tar Sealants age, also have produced alarming results outside and in homes, buildings, and water sources. Coal Tar pitch is cited as a Hazardous Substance by OSHA, ACGIH,DOT, NIOSH, NTP, IARC, and NFPA. While it is true PAHs are produced by a variety of products and processes – Coal Tar products contain 1,000 times more harmful PAHs than asphalt based sealcoat products. In response, many municipalities have banned the use of Coal Tar products and/or created expensive remediation laws/programs to safely remove and dispose of Coal Tar’s toxic substances. Also, Coal Tar Sealants only last 2-4 yrs (and wear off, depositing toxic Sealant material elsewhere!), AND high traffic areas show wear and tear after a few months after application, Coal Tar Sealants aren't that effective in the long-term care of your pavements. What more info? Go to link here.

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