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Gee is 300+ miles away, and I would highly recommend them.

"We greatly look forward to continuing work with Gee Asphalt Inc. and would highly recommend them to any county interested in using their product."

This past summer the Berrien County Road Department contracted Gee Asphalt Inc. to treat approximately six miles of roadway with GSB-88®.

The BCRD had been searching for a product like this for several years to use as an alternative to our standard sealcoat process. After this trial run with Gee Asphalt, we have determined GSB-88® is that product. Gee Asphalt is located over 300 miles away from us, but they were incredibly efficient in communicating with our team. Their regular communication allowed making coordination on this project simple and easy to work with. The staff at Gee Asphalt was always friendly and professional, and the quality of their work was outstanding. The Road Department has received numerous compliments from both residents and township supervisors regarding the GSB-88®, and we plan to continue using this product on future road projects.

Jon Greco

Project Engineer, Berrien County, MI

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