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Crack Sealing & Pothole Repair:

•Expert Installation
•Quality Materials


Gee Asphalt provides crack sealing services for any size of job.

​Crack Sealing is performed after the fact, when your pavement has hardened and begun opening up allowing moisture to enter the base and support structure of your pavement. Once this occurs, the rate of deterioration and damage to your pavement and cost to repair will accelerate significantly unless you act quickly and with quality materials that are properly installed.

At Gee Asphalt, we install only the products we are 100% confident in. When it comes to crack sealant that means it must bond well to crack walls, be elastic enough to stretch without tearing apart in cold temperatures, and not crack when temps go up to 100 degrees or more. We routinely install hot applied crack sealants meeting ASTM 3405 standards manufactured by Crafco, W.R. Meadows, and Maxwell. We also install single and double component cold applied crack sealants during fringe season or southern climates.


As an added benefit to you, Gee Asphalt Systems will come to your location and conduct a training program to assist your organization in understanding and developing a preservation strategy tailored to your specific needs so you can protect your investment.




Everything you need to know about ice prevention.

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We perform honest, consistent work with superior products anywhere in the United States.



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