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Everything you need to know about ice prevention.

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Ice Prevention 

What is ice prevention?

Ice prevention is a proactive approach to road and parking lot safety. Research has proven when pavement owners apply liquid anti-icing treatments to their pavements as part of a proactive attack before the storm arrives, the result is a significant reduction in the effort (and cost) to keep roads, highways and parking areas clear.

Why is it important?

It is proactive.

You don't have to wait on unpredictable winter storms.

It reduces costs: 

less chemicals, less operator overtime, less clean-up costs in the spring, less wear and tear on equipment.

It increases safety.

Insurance companies, municipalities, and state agencies show dramatic reduction in claims for loss of life, limb and property damage when proactive ice prevention methods are used.

It is environmentally friendly.

Delicate landscaping, trees, and shrubs are not impacted.

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